The remains of an outhouse at Geiger Lookout Wayside Park

Geiger Lookout Wayside Park

Near Virginia City, Nevada, United States of America
Picnic table Picnic shelter Wood grill Primitive (unplumbed) washrooms
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Built in 1938 by the Works Progress Administration, Geiger Lookout Wayside Park is a picturesque lookout with views of Reno and the surrounding countryside.

The picnic area was originally built with picnic tables, picnic shelters, wood grills and an outhouse; however only the original masonry remains. You can still visit to admire the view or even have a picnic, but don't expect any amenities.

While it's sad to see the site neglected, the remaining masonry is beautiful having been built with colourful local stone. Like any outhouse built of stone, I expect it will last a long time.

Stone cairn at Geiger Lookout Wayside Park
The remains of a wood grill and a cairn at Geiger Lookout Wayside Park

Location and reservations

Permanently closed
Admission fee
Not available

Picnic facilities

  • Picnic table Picnic table
  • Picnic shelter Picnic shelter
  • Wood grill Wood grill
  • Primitive (unplumbed) washrooms Primitive (unplumbed) washrooms

Other amenities

  • Historic monument Historic monument
  • Scenic view Scenic view
  • Hiking trail Hiking trail