Picnic table at Seton Provincial Park

Seton Rest Area

Near Carberry, Manitoba, Canada
Picnic table Primitive (unplumbed) washrooms
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Technically a provincial park, although a very tiny one at only 4 acres in size, Seton provincial park is a rest area on the north side of the Trans Canada highway between Austin and Carberry.

The park is named after Ernest Thompson Seton, a naturalist, writer and artist who settled in the Carberry area for a number of years and was appointed as Manitoba's naturalist.

The picnic area has a number of picnic tables and an outhouse on site.

Picnic table at Seton Provincial Park
Seton Provincial Park

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Picnic facilities

  • Picnic table Picnic table
  • Primitive (unplumbed) washrooms Primitive (unplumbed) washrooms