Picnic table with wood grill at Kinsmen Park in Edmonton Alberta

Kinsmen Park

Near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Picnic table Picnic shelter Bench Wood grill Water Modern (plumbed) washrooms
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Kinsmen Park, located in Edmonton, Alberta, is a beautiful and popular outdoor recreational space that offers a wide range of activities for visitors of all ages. With its picturesque setting along the North Saskatchewan River and its well-maintained facilities, Kinsmen Park is an ideal destination for picnicking and enjoying the outdoors.

There are several picnic areas in the park, each equipped with picnic tables, benches, and garbage bins. The park offers a variety of picnic spots, with a mix of sunny and shaded spots, near and away from the playground and other activities.

One of the main highlights of the park is the green spaces that are perfect for setting up a picnic blanket and enjoying a meal with family and friends. These open areas provide ample room for picnickers to spread out, play games, and relax in the sun while surrounded by the park's natural beauty.

For those who prefer shaded areas, Kinsmen Park also offers picnic shelters and gazebos that provide protection from the sun and rain. These structures provide a more intimate setting and can be reserved in advance for larger groups or special occasions. They are equipped with picnic tables and often have nearby barbecue pits or grills, allowing visitors to prepare and enjoy their meals outdoors.

In addition to the picnic facilities, Kinsmen Park has many other amenities. The park features well-maintained washrooms and water fountains, ensuring visitors have access to clean and convenient facilities. There are also playgrounds and recreational areas nearby, providing entertainment options for children and adults alike.

Moreover, the park's proximity to the North Saskatchewan River offers the opportunity for water-based activities, such as canoeing or kayaking. Visitors can bring their own watercraft or rent them from nearby outfitters to explore the river and its surroundings.

Overall, Kinsmen Park in Edmonton, Alberta, is a fantastic destination for picnicking. Its well-equipped picnic facilities, including picnic tables, shelters, and open green spaces, provide visitors with an inviting and comfortable environment to enjoy a meal outdoors. Combined with the park's natural beauty and amenities, Kinsmen Park offers a memorable picnic experience for individuals, families, and groups alike.

Picnic table with water tap and wood grill at Kinsmen Park in Edmonton Alberta
Playground enterance at Kinsmen Park in Edmonton Alberta

Location and reservations

Open all year
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Picnic facilities

  • Picnic table Picnic table
  • Picnic shelter Picnic shelter
  • Bench Bench
  • Wood grill Wood grill
  • Water Water
  • Modern (plumbed) washrooms Modern (plumbed) washrooms

Other amenities

  • Playground Playground
  • Historic monument Historic monument
  • Museum Museum
  • Scenic view Scenic view
  • Pavilion Pavilion
  • Walking trail Walking trail
  • Cycling trail Cycling trail
  • Soccer / football field Soccer / football field
  • Baseball diamond Baseball diamond
  • Swimming Swimming
  • Pool Pool
  • Wading pool Wading pool
  • Fishing Fishing
  • Flatwater kayaking / canoeing Flatwater kayaking / canoeing